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If there’s one accessory that is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, it is the ubiquitous boot. Women love them because they make their legs look sexy, are fun to wear, and protect the legs as well!

Boots accentuate the figure and give a sense of power. There are countless brands, but when it comes to picking favorites, there’s one name that stands out from the rest- Arturo Chiang boots!

Here are a few reasons why women love his designs:

Arturo Chiang Style:

You can never go wrong with boots designed by Arturo Chiang. He is a hands-on designer with a passion for shoes.

Arturo’s degree from the prestigious Ecoles De La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture in Paris and the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York has helped him understand the different elements of style and design.

His job as a Senior Footwear Designer at Nine West under the guidance of Vince Camuto has helped him hone his skills in the field.

Every design crafted by Arturo Chiang is detailed and designed for practical use; not all designers can manage this. Some are high on style quotient, but lack when it comes to comfort. There are others that rank high on comfort, but appear clumpy.

Shoes designed by him are modern, yet wearable.

Practical Purpose:

What separates Arturo Chiang from other designers is the fact they are designed for everyday use.

Shoes that are designed for horseback riding should have a tapered toe to allow the boot fit easily on the stirrups.

Riding boots designed by him have a narrow toe and do not usually offer the lace-up style to prevent the feet from getting caught in the stirrups. 

Boots are preferred during winters to protect the legs from harsh winters. Arturo Chiang boots are made from high quality leather that is durable and made to withstand just about any type of weather, and yet maintain a casual look. His designs have received appreciation from a wide audience.

What do Arturo Chiang Boots Cost?

Boots designed by Arturo aren’t cheap, but they are certainly affordable when compared to other brands that offer the same style and quality. In fact, Arturo Chiang boots are a much better quality than some of the best known brands in the market. They offer good value for money and are hence flying off the shelves from major online retail stores.

The next time you decide to step out in style, just wear an Arturo Chiang boot and you are all set to rock the world!

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